Performance President’s Pak Canada – Be YOU with Isagenix

Performance President’s Pak Canada – Be YOU with Isagenix


If you’re ready to jumpstart your health and build your Isagenix® business, these business/value paks have everything you need, including free membership and a broad assortment of top-selling products and marketing tools. The business/value paks are a proven path to success. We offer four. Are you interested in weight loss, energy and performance, healthy aging or age-defying skin care?

Weight Loss President’s Pak This pak has plenty of products to share with friends and family who are interested in healthy weight loss, better body composition and optimum health. This comprehensive pak also has an assortment of powerful marketing tools to jumpstart your Isagenix business.

Performance President’s Pak This pak is for active people looking to build lean muscle, enhance performance and reduce recovery times. With extra products to share and a broad range of powerful marketing tools, this pak will get your business off the ground and running.

Healthy Aging President’s Pak This pak is for anyone interested in youthful aging and building an Isagenix business. It contains all of our advanced products… like our cutting-edge Product B antioxidants plus telomere support… as well as an assortment of professional marketing tools that present the powerful opportunity for exceptional health and wealth with Isagenix.

Rejuvity President’s Pak This all-encompassing pak has been optimized with nourishing skincare and whole-body nutritional products – specifically designed to combat the root mechanisms of aging. Use these products, samples and marketing tools to share and build your business.

Ingesting your foods in your own home as an alternative to heading out could be a major help you shed weight. Those who eat out far more make far healthier judgements on their own meals. You will additionally spend less by eating in your house!

Do not be tricked into by a package which says low fat but has no area for that good meals you have to be consuming.You might lose some kilos, but it will not be good for your health later on.

In case you are locating standard weight reduction ideas tough, take into account medicine alternate options. This drug causes a great deal of food items body fat never to be absorbed from the system. It simply simply leaves your whole body as waste. This is a good substitute if you fail to slim down with exercising and a tough time modifying their diet plan.

When you are struggling to purchase them on that day, when you are purchasing, consider using a number of things that you might like to wear, even.

Make sure you talk to a diet plan consultant on the type of diet regime which will be ideal for you should you be going to begin a diet to lose excess weight. Many people are distinct, what exactly works well with your close friend might not actually supply you a similar great results. Get professional help to provide your personal fat loss program.

A terrific way to become more fit is to go to bodybuilding web sites and fat loss.


Weight Loss President’s Pak Product List

  • Healthy Aging President’s Pak
  • Performance President’s Pak
  • Product B President’s Pak
  • Weight Loss President’s Pak


“I bought the President’s Pak in the beginning to share all of the products with my friends and family. They all saw great results within the first 2 weeks.” 
– Clint J. Minnesota

“I started my Isagenix experience with a President’s pak which was the largest pak offered at the time and I’m so glad that I did. It not only gave me a chance to try all the most popular products right from the start, it has allowed me to suggest the President’s pak with total integrity. I so enjoyed it that I have an easy time suggesting others start the same way I did and as a result I’ve earned more money faster than I would have otherwise.”  
– Rick R., California

“The President’s Pak is one of my favorite recommendations for those starting their home business. After having the most amazing results with the Isagenix system, I knew I wanted everyone I knew to experience what I had just experienced and this pak is the perfect one. Love it!!”  
– Rose N., Utah

Isagenix is available in all cities and towns in Canada!